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Job Description:

The Account Specialist is responsible in ensuring that revenue generated from shipment of cargoes and corresponding auxiliary charges are fully accounted for, correctly billed and collected on time.

Male/Female not more than 35 years old
Candidate must be a graduate of Business Administration courses especially in Accounting.
At least 2-3 years experience in account management
Good written and oral communication skills
Good interpersonal skills
Amplifies good grooming and pleasing personality
Basic and advance proficiency in MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

Job Description:

  • Ensures that billing statement are delivered upon completion of documents and printing of freight bills
  • Ensures that checks are picked up/collected upon due notice.
  • Assigned accounts are visited at least once every two months or as deemed necessary and sent with monthly          statement of accounts (SOA) and collection letters as needed.
  • Weekly actual collection is compared against target to measure monthly collection performance.
  • Ensures that withholding tax certificates are collected when withholding taxes are deducted by customers.
  • Doubtful/problematic accounts are properly and completely documented to justify recommendation for write-off every end of each quarter of the year.
  • Customers not paying on time are  placed under “prior clearance notice” to inform Sales & Marketing and Booking section.
  • Collection Discrepancy Reports are reviewed and ensures that LSC Accounts Receivables are reconciled with the customer.